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To consistently provide excellent quality products to the automotive replacement glass industry, while meeting the needs of our customers, our employees, and our investors.


To be the preferred direct ship supplier of automotive replacement glass products to the Americas, while providing an environment for growth and development.

  • People are the foundation of our success. Together we will nurture a preferred place to work, where everyone is treated with respect, courtesy, and fairness.
  • Honesty is a core value necessary to build relationships, nurture partnerships, and earn a favorable industry reputation.
  • Teamwork is foremost as we work and play as a team at FYNA and this enthusiasm extends to our customers.
  • Quality is expected and will be consistent in the products we supply and in all transactions we conduct.
  • Service fulfillment on commitments is a guiding principle. "On-time and Complete" order processing is our conviction.
  • Continuous Improvement means taking ownership for actions, learning from our mistakes, and always striving to improve performance.
  • Performance is an obligation to our owners, who empower us to implement our business strategy professionally and responsibly.
  • Commitment and dedication are key qualities within our people necessary to attain success.
  • Develop relationships into partnerships, for mutual prosperity.
  • Achieve total customer satisfaction in quality, delivery, service, and value.
  • Foster an enthusiastic and rewarding environment for our employees.
  • Conduct all business activities with integrity, while meeting the expectations of our investors.